ISAB repositions its Contract Research business and launches “Inhalation Research Services” as new brand name

(Stockholm, 20 August 2020) Inhalation Sciences AB (ISAB) is repositioning its Contract Research business and launching it under a new brand name – Inhalation Research Services (IRS). IRS offers a comprehensive service portfolio that delivers precise and predictive early-stage respiratory research data. IRS has seen a steady increase in demand from its biopharma customers and has grown considerably during the Covid-19 pandemic.

ISAB is organizing its operations into three business areas: The first is the sales of its PreciseInhale® system and modules, the second is IRS, providing contract research services, and the third is publications and research partnerships with universities and academic institutions. All three are highly complementary and increased cross-sales between the three are expected. In addition, customers will benefit from a more comprehensive service offering, a higher degree of adaptable solutions and transparent pricing. The three business areas will also support ISAB to better utilize its own resources, monitor financial performance and measure margin improvements across the business.

IRS’ FIVE CORE SERVICES will include; aerosol characterization, DissolvIt® in vitro dissolution testing, IPL (isolated perfused lung), intratracheal testing and nose-only testing. IRS is attracting new customers at a time of growing need for more precise and predictive respiratory therapies.

CEO Manoush Masarrat, “ISAB has always been about the power of precision, and the precise, predictive data IRS delivers enables drug developers to eliminate risk and move beyond a ‘test and try’ approach. They can plot a clear roadmap of which substances to invest in. Ultimately, it’s about predicting exactly how your substance will behave throughout the lung, early on. That’s what IRS data deliver.”

In June 2020, the company’s new chair, Daniel Spasic, joined ISAB. Spasic is a recognized leader in Contract Research and founded TFS International, a global clinical Research Organization that among several therapeutic areas also specialized in respiratory diseases. With the data provided by IRS, inhaled drug developers can early on start designing clinical study protocols that are geared towards more predictive clinical outcomes and benefits for patients” Spasic, says.

CEO Manoush Masarrat: “IRS builds long-term customer relationships and demonstrates our capabilities and technology. During the current Coronavirus pandemic, revenues from IRS have remained robust. We’re intensely proud of IRS, as we believe it will help the respiratory research community to benefit from the services and data we can provide”.

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Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB (publ) utvecklar och kommersialiserar världsledande instrument för forskning inom inhalation. Bolagets patenterade labinstrument, PreciseInhale® erbjuder forskare möjligheten att, med mycket hög precision, karakterisera hur aerosoler och små partiklar påverkar våra lungor och därmed vår hälsa när dessa inandas.