Market Notice 312/20 – Cessatech A/S will be listed on Spotlight Stock Market on December 16, 2020

Trading in Cessatech A/S’s shares and subscription options will take place from December 16, 2020, the short name for the share is CESSA and the short name for the subscription option is CESSA TO 1. 

Information about the company’s share capital: Share capital consist of 736 000 DKK divided into 3 680 000 shares as per todays date. 

Information about the share: 
Short name: CESSA 
Share name: Cessatech 
ISIN-code: DK0061411964 
Orderbook-ID: 7DT4 
FISN: Cessatech AS/- 
Organization number: 41293055 
Par Value: 0,20 DKK 
First day of trading: December 16, 2020  
Number of shares: 3 680 000 
Market Segment: SPDK 
MIC code: XSAT 
Tick table/liquidity band #: 2 (Shares and depositary receipts)

Information about the subscription option: 
Short name: CESSA TO 1 
ISIN-code: DK0061416849 
Orderbook-ID: 7DT5 
FISN: Cessatech AS/Warrant 

First day of trading: December 16, 2020 

Market Segment: SPDK  
MIC code: XSAT  
Tick table/liquidity band #: A (Other instruments) 

Stockholm December 14, 2020 

Spotlight Stock Market 
08-511 68 000