105/21 – JS Security Technologies Group AB will be listed on Spotlight Stock Market on May 12, 2021

Trading in JS Security Technologies Group AB’s shares will take place from May 12, 2021. The short name for the share is JSSEC and the short name for the subscription option is JSSEC TO1. 

Information about the company’s share capital: Share capital consist of SEK 633 333,40 divided into 6 333 334 shares as per today's date. 

Information about the share: 
Short name: JSSEC 
Share name: JS Security 
ISIN-code: SE0014829495 
Orderbook-ID: 7YP9 
Organisation number: 559225-3123 
LEI: 549300X4H5O3TTSEV844 
Par Value: SEK 0,10 
First day of trading: May 12, 2021  
Number of shares: 6 333 334 
Market Segment: SPSE 
MIC code: XSAT 
Tick table/liquidity band #: 1 (Shares and depositary receipts)

Information about the subscription option: 

One (1) subscription option JSSEC TO1 entitles the owner to subscribe for one (1) new share. Please see the Memorandum for the full terms of the subscription option. 

Information about the subscription option: 
Short name: JSSEC TO1 

Instrument name: JS Security TO1 
ISIN-code: SE0015948567 
Orderbook-ID: 7YPA 
First day of trading: May 12, 2021 

Last day of trading: May 11, 2022 
Market Segment: SPSE 
MIC code: XSAT 
Tick size: A (Other instruments) 

Stockholm May 10, 2021 

Spotlight Stock Market 
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