Amido and Unloc enters a Collaboration and Reseller agreement

Both parties compliment each other's value proposition. Unloc AS is a provider of mobile keys, and aggregator of digital locks. Unloc allows people to open doors and share keys with others from their phone, as easy as sending a text message. This is made possible by the Unloc-enabling digital and electronic locks. Amido is an aggregator of access points and provides a solution to handle and automate access-rights independent of which access control system that is installed. Amido supports the customer with tools that align with the customer goals.

The intent of this agreement between both parties is to give the companies a common ground to collaborate, integrate and resell products and services globally in order to complement each other's value propositions. 

Each of the parties will initially focus on reselling the other parties products and services in their own home market – Sweden for Amido AB, and Norway for Unloc AS. In practice this means Amido AB will aim to upsell Unloc’s mobile key solution to their existing client base and introduce it to new prospects, whilst the same goes for Unloc AS. 

We’re very excited to enter this collaboration with Amido. Our products complement each other well, and we will have a future-proof solution when combining our technologies. Our joint efforts will ensure that real estate players investing in a digital solution have even more options. – Chriss Grau, Account Manager, Unloc AS

We’ve chosen to deepen our collaboration with Unloc based on their team and technology. They have worked hard to develop a mobile phone / smart phone based experience. Together we will be able to better cater to the solution of our customers. I look forward to working closely with Unloc in our expansion on the European Market. – Anton Thynell, Head Of Sales, Amido AB

Contact information:

Anton Thynell
Head Of Sales
+46 70 776 17 07

Chriss Grau
Account Manager Sweden 
+46 72 859 50 30

About Unloc AS
Unloc is a Norwegian technology company, with the ambition of building the world's digital keychain. Through integrations with the leading lock providers, Unloc connects any smart locks or access systems available today into an innovative software platform for administration and use of keys through our app. Since the start in 2017, Unloc has established themselves as a standard in mobile keys through collaboration with some of the Nordic region's largest players in real estate, logistics, welfare technology and more. The company is based in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and London. Read more at

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Amido AB
Anton Thynell, Head Of Sales, Amido AB

Om Amido 
Amidos digitala plattform låter fastighetsägare enkelt dela access till låsta utrymmen oavsett passersystem eller paketbox. I samarbete med SOS Alarm får räddningsfordon genom plattformen access vid larm och allt från logistik, till städbolag får access dit de behöver när de behöver det – automatiserat och enkelt.