Interim Report First half-year 2018

First half-year (2018-01-01 – 2018-06-30) · Net sales amounted to DKK 3,685,833. Profit/loss before taxes amounted to DKK -3,820,387. Earnings per share amounted to DKK -0.52. Cash at bank and in hand amounted to DKK 356.186. Equity ratio amounted to 39,06 %. Second Quarter (2018-04-01 – 2018-06-30) Net sales amounted to DKK 1,884,233. Profit/loss before taxes amounted to DKK -1,966,339. Earnings per share amounted to DKK -0.34.  

Highlights during H1 2018

  • In March we formally initiated the development of LandRisk with our clients
  • On 6 April, we transformed the corporate structure towards being a listed limited company
  • On 6 April, we launched our experienced Board of Directors
  • In April, we secured the first client for the LandRisk pilot projects to provide valuable input and insights
  • In April, we signed the lease for our new office in Hellerup,
  • On 1 May, Niels Worsøe started as dedicated LandRisk Project Manager
  • On 1 May, Jan Kragh Michelsen started as Sales Director
  • We signed up five new clients

Highlights after the period  

  • On 12 July, Risk Intelligence announced that The Company has been approved for listing at Spotlight Stock Market.
  • On 2 August, Risk Intelligence announced that The Company’s new issue of DKK 12 million was oversubscribed. Risk Intelligence received subscription for a total of approximately DKK 45.6 million including subscription commitments, corresponding to a total subscription ratio of approximately 379.6 percent and a public subscription ratio of approximately 771.2 percent. The subscription was made by a total of 1,772 individual subscribers.
  • On 17 August, Risk Intelligence’s shares started trading at Spotlight Stock Market.

Message from the CEO

Risk Intelligence had its first day of trading less than 2 weeks ago, on 17 August 2018. Therefore, I would like to start off with a warm welcome to our new shareholders and a big thank you to our Board, staff and advisors. This first report as a public company gives me an opportunity to look back at a first half year with several important milestones reached, ref. above.

According to plan: The result for the first six months of 2018 is in accordance with our plans and Memorandum. The growth-plan initiated by end 2017 will produce negative bottom line results in both 2018 and 2019 due to the planned investments. In addition, revenues in the first half of the year normally on average accounts for 33% of the total annual revenue and therefore normally the first half of the year structurally has a negative result. During the first six months Risk Intelligence has acquired five new clients and sales revenues are expected to increase in the second half of 2018.

Spotlight: The listing has certainly put Risk Intelligence in the spotlight and we already experience increased recognition and interest from existing and potential clients, media and partners.

The road ahead: Our entire team is energized by the achievements, our new office, and the new chapter as a public company. Our new Sales Director, Jan Kragh Michelsen is building and leading the new commercial organisation, which will be in place by Q4 2018, and is tasked to double the sales revenues from our existing maritime-focused markets by end 2020. Headed by our new Project Manager and funded by the IPO, we expect to launch the LandRisk module in Q3-2019. With that, we will cover the entire logistics chain with the Risk Intelligence System (MaRisk+PortRisk+LandRisk) with a unique end-to-end service and we will gain access to a market that is 20 times greater than our existing markets combined.

Hans Tino Hansen


Risk Intelligence A/S

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Risk Intelligence A/S was founded in 2001 by Hans Tino Hansen. The company has evolved into becoming a prominent company in security risk management by delivering threat and risk assessments globally. Risk Intelligence assists its customers and partners through offices north of Copenhagen as well as representatives in Europe, Asia and North America. The business has been designed with international scalability in mind and the company is globally regarded as experts in its field of business. Risk Intelligence provides a digital platform (Risk Intelligence System MaRisk + PortRisk) that allows clients to monitor global security risks to enable businesses to plan, and implement missions in risk areas.