Market Notice 141/22 – Information regarding the split with redemption and change of ISIN for Västsvensk Logistik AB

Västsvensk Logistik AB will trade under its new ISIN-code with effect from August 30, 2022 due to a split with redemption. Last day of trading before the split and with the right to the redemption share is August 29, 2022. The redemption share will be listed at Spotlight Stock Market.

Referring to the press release from Västsvensk Logistik AB's extraordinary general meeting, held on August 22, 2022, and todays press release, the company will carry out a split with redemption in relations 4:1. The ordinary share will be traded under new ISIN code with effect from August 30, 2022. The orderbook-ID will not change.

Information about the split and the ordinary share:
Short name: VASLOG
Terms: 4:1

Current ISIN-code: SE0010662437
New ISIN-code: SE0018271348
Last day of trading with current ISIN-code: August 29, 2022
First day of trading with new ISIN-code: August 30, 2022
Orderbook-ID: 458V
Number of shares after the split: 2 450 000
Par Value: 1

Information about the redemption share:
Short name VASLOG IL
ISIN-code: SE0018271355
Orderbook-ID: AYUD
First day of trading: September 1, 2022                                                    
Last day of trading: September 15, 2022
Market Segment: SPSE
Tick table/liquidity band #: A (Other instruments)
Please be advised that the split with redemption will give rise to a conversion factor, all overnight orders in the company’s orderbook will be deleted. This will occur after closing on August 29, 2022.

Stockholm August 26, 2022

Spotlight Stock Market