Touchtech is part of a new Scandinavian initiative – bridging the gap between digital and physical in retail

F&H Group, Scandinavia’s leading multi-brand house in ‘Kitchen, Living and Dining’, choses Touchtech as one of the strategic components together with Front Systems, Adyen and Salesforce, enabling a truly unique and fully integrated end-to-end OmniChannel shopping experience in their store concepts, never losing out on a business opportunity.

Retail and wholesale are still recovering post-pandemic amidst other challenges effecting the world economics and stability such as sustainability, supply chains and to keep up with digital transformation and ever evolving customer behavior.

  • F&H is now paving the way with a seamless retail experience, using best of breed platforms with the vision to offer the best in-store customer service. With this initiative, the F&H team demonstrate a profound understanding of how mobile POS from Front Systems used by the sales staff can be combined with a customer facing self-service tool from Touchtech, resulting in never losing a sales opportunity. F&H has successfully created a Omnichannel solution many brands dream of, says Deniz Chaban, CEO and founder of Touchtech.

Combining the capabilities of Touchtech, Front Systems, Adyen and Salesforce enables F&H to bridge the gap between physical and digital commerce and deliver a seamless integrated shopping journey.

  • Our wish is to offer the best service and cater to all customer types. Part of that is offering our full range of products in an inspiring way. Using Touchtech on large interactive displays provide a great opportunity for our sales reps to inspire, promote our brands and place orders of products that are not available in-stores, says Morten Gunner Hansen, Head of Digital at Kitchen Living Dining at F&H Group.

F&H Group offers more than 10 000 products spread across more than 46 strong brands, for the specialist trade and grocery as well as B2C via their own e-commerce and a physical store concept called “Kitchen Living Dining”.

  • Through this initiative, customers in our physical stores are made aware of activations and campaigns, which drive sales. The screens become a great self-service tool to explore and discover products when the store staff is busy, and customers are also able to check the store inventory for products they are interested in. Fast-food restaurants have contributed to changing the way consumers interact with screens, and now other markets like ours can keep up with the digital transformation and evolved customer behaviors.

Morten Gunner Hansen and his team have integrated these platforms in a way which enable a more personalized shopping experience as well as handling of orders, returns and refunds no matter where customers placed their original purchase. The ability of the screens also serves as a reason to employ more sales reps to present the content, and functionality as a complimentary service towards customers.

  • We are happy to be a part of this exciting collaboration. Integrating Front Systems POS with Touchtech enables a more convenient customer facing ordering possibility. The baskets created in Touchtech are sent to Front System for payment using Adyen and thereafter sent to Salesforce for processing and shipping. Touchtech is a great compliment to our POS solution. We hope more brands that use Front Systems will take advantage of this opportunity in their stores too, says Haakon Skavhaug-Flender, Product Manager and Head of Sales at Front Systems.

The Scandinavian initiative, a true Omnichannel solution, recently went live in the Kitchen Living Dining two-floor flagship store, right in the heart of Copenhagen. During 2022 the plan is to open an additional flagship store in Germany with the same integrated solution and also that the two showrooms in Sweden and Norway will implement the Touchtech solution.

About Touchtech
Touchtech is a Swedish publicly traded SaaS-company with a vision to be the leading OmniChannel platform connecting brands, retailers, and consumers within the fashion and apparel industry to drive more sustainable sales and improve the buying experience.

Touchtech is a strategic and integrated technology platform of digital sales tools for wholesale and retail. The platform is already being utilized globally, by thousands of consumers and salespeople in over hundreds of retail stores and wholesale showrooms. Jack & Jones, Axel Arigato, J.Lindeberg and Vero Moda are some of the brands using Touchtech to bridge the gap between their physical and digital commerce.

Touchtech, founded 2008 by Deniz Chaban and Sebastian Hartman, has a strong corporate foundation with owners like Heartland – majority owner of e-commerce companies Zalando and Asos and the clothing company BESTSELLER. Learn more about Touchtech on

About F&H Group

F&H A/S and Thuesen Jensen AS together make up F&H Group A/S, Scandinavia’s leading multi-brand house in ‘Kitchen Living Dining’ for the specialist trade, grocery and B2C segments. The range offers more than 10,000 different products spread across more than 46 strong brands, including Gense, Villa Collection Denmark, BITZ, Rosti, Lyngby Glas, Södahl, Hoptimist and Zone Denmark.

The group’s headquarters are in Denmark, and there are also subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Germany, and China. In total, there are more than 400 employees who work every day based on the core values of innovation, ownership, quality, good business ethics and commitment.

About Front Systems

Front Systems develops and delivers a Unified Commerce platform for retail. Front Systems’ vision is to make physical stores the core of the customer journey, and the very heart of the retail trade. The company makes it possible for all store employees to deliver good shopping experiences across channels