Technical News 2/18 – AktieTorget – complementary information listing of Danish securities

This technical news is a summary of information already distributed via NGM Forum – Elasticia. If you require access to NGM Forum please contact: NGM Support +46 8 566 390 60 or AktieTorget recommends all participants to subscribe for news via NGM Forum.

Test system

A new SegmentID, ATDK, has been added in all test system. A test instrument has been added in Test System no. 6

Symbol: CHOKO
Id: 64U
ISIN: XC0010026653

Opening hours

Securities listed on AktieTorget DK are traded (times in CET):

Pre Open: 08:00
Opening Auction*: 08:45
Open/Continuous Trading: 09:00
Closing Auction**: 16:55
Post Open: 17:00
Closing: 18:00

* The opening auction ends with an uncross, 0-30 seconds after 09:00
** The closing auction ends with an uncross, 0-30 seconds before 17:00

Trading calendar – AktieTorget DK

All weekdays 08:00 – 18:00, except:

Date Description
2018-06-05 Danish constitution day Closed
2018-12-24 Christmas eve Closed
2018-12-25 Christmas day Closed
2018-12-26 Second day of Christmas Closed
2018-12-31 New Year’s Eve Closed

Securities traded

The following type of securities are traded on AktieTorget DK:

Depositary Receipt
Subscription Warrant
Subscription Right
Paid Subscribed Share
Unit Right
Paid Subscribed Unit

First day of trading

The segment will be live as from May 22nd. AktieTorget has a handful of companies in the listing process but cannot yet provide a specific date for first day of trading in Danish instruments.

AktieTorget SegmentIDs

Description   SegmentID   ParentID   MIC  
Existing AktieTorget  AT  XSAT 
Existing AktieTorget SE  ATSE  AT   XSAT 
New - > AktieTorget DK ATDK AT XSAT

About AktieTorget

AktieTorget is a Stock Market for growth companies and committed investors. AktieTorget offers listing and trading of growth company shares and the business idea is to provide a fair and transparent Stock Market. We support listed companies with a tool for growth and development and thanks to partnerships with SvD Börsplus, FinWire, Direkt and Cision, AktieTorget can offer the listed companies visibility. Many entrepreneurial growth companies are listed, including companies such as Storytel, SyntheticMR and Bahnhof. The operations are under the supervision of Finansinspektionen.