Technical News 3/18 – AktieTorget – The first day of trading of Danish securities is June 14th

The first day of trading of Danish securities is June 14th. Securities are traded in Danish krona (DKK) and settled through VP Securities (Denmark).

Technical information such as network connectivity, API specification, access to Test system for members trading Danish Securities is communicated through NGM Forum – Elasticia Participant. If you require access to NGM Forum please contact: NGM Support +46 8 566 390 60 or 

For more information see previous Technical News. More information about AktieTorget Denmark’s launch can be found through the following link: 

About AktieTorget
AktieTorget is a Stock Market for growth companies and committed investors. AktieTorget offers listing and trading of growth company shares and the business idea is to provide a fair and transparent Stock Market. We support listed companies with a tool for growth and development and thanks to partnerships with SvD Börsplus, FinWire, Direkt and Cision, AktieTorget can offer the listed companies visibility. Many entrepreneurial growth companies are listed, including companies such as Storytel, SyntheticMR and Bahnhof. The operations are under the supervision of Finansinspektionen.